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UHRU Visits Johnson County Community Health Center

Wrightsville, GA - UHRU went to Johnson County Community Health Center which is part of CHCS (Community Health Care Systems of Georgia) on May 30th 2018.

We educated approximately 40 different physicians, nurses, MAs, nursing assistants, and quality improvement coordinators on the importance of colorectal cancer screening by using a stool based test called FIT.

UHRU donated educational pamphlets to be given to patients, posters for the clinic to raise awareness, physician material to enhance their understanding of colon cancer, and colon cancer screening tests. 

The American Cancer Society joined us in our efforts by providing technical, logistical, and long term quality improvement support for the clinic.

About UHRU Approximately, only 1/4 Americans are being screened appropriately in that particular region, therefore our goal is to provide the clinic with support throughout the year in the form of monetary grants, free colon cancer screening tests, and quality improvement support so that more Georgians get screened for colon cancer and lives are saved. 

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