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Mental Health

  • There has been an increase in mental illness among rural community members in Navsari district of Gujarat, India. 

  • In addition, there has been a rise in addiction and deaths by suicide in the region as well.

  • Among rural community members seeking care at the Gram Seva Trust Hospital, annually about 19 have attempted suicide and 60 are admitted for illness due to alcoholism.

  • The stigma associated with mental illness within the community presents a major barrier to treatment.

  •  Increasing awareness in the community about mental health issues is a top priority. 


Our goal

To raise awareness of mental health issues, reduce addiction, reduce deaths by suicide and improve overall mental health among rural community members in the Navsari district of Gujarat, India.   


How we get there

UHRU partners with Gram Seva Trust to improve access to mental health services in rural communities in Gujarat, India. Through the Mental Health Project, we provide a comprehensive program for identification, medical management and rehabilitation in rural villages in the Navsari district of India.

Community Health Workers

Train community health workers to conduct home visits to screen and counsel community members for mental health issues.


Mental Health Education

Conduct mental health education sessions in the villages to increase understanding of mental health issues and help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

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