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Building A Pathway to Health

In October, we kicked off our first fundraising campaign, a Pathway to Health. We would like to thank our donors who have helped us so far to lay the stepping stones to a Pathway to Health. These stepping stones are providing a pathway to screen underserved Georgians for colorectal cancer.

Your generosity allowed us to begin helping underserved residents in Athens. We are supporting the Athens Nurses Clinic and the new Habitat for Humanity health van to educate and screen uninsured patients for colorectal cancer. Your donations provide screening kits, patient and provider education materials, and incentives for patients to return their test kits. Outreach classes are also being conducted by Athens Nurses Clinic providers using UHRU donated patient education materials and screening kits. Athens area gastroenterologists will be providing colonoscopies to uninsured patients who need additional care.

Our work in helping underserved Georgians started in 2018 when we created the Georgia Colon Cancer Prevention Project to help eliminate barriers to screening across the state. To date, we have donated our program to 9 community health centers across Georgia helping screen more underserved Georgians for colorectal cancer.

As we raise more funds and add more stepping stones to our pathway, we will reach more underserved communities throughout the state. Please join us in building a Pathway to Health and together, we can save lives!

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